By Diana T. Torres

Happy New Year! This is the time of year when New Year resolutions begin; from trying to let go of vices to wanting to replace clutter and confusion with clarity and order. It’s a time where many seek positive changes.

One of the most important areas needing reevaluation or organization is insurance. Most people are unaware that by bundling their insurance policies, they will save money. Having a homeowners and automobile policy with the same insurance company is a savings. In some cases, there are savings up to 25%, if you bundle home, auto and life insurance.

Besides saving money, it cuts back on paperwork and simplifies your insurance portfolio. And having all of your insurance policies handled by the same insurance agency is a bonus. Our family of agencies has qualified insurance representatives that will make suggestions best suited to your needs. In fact, you may even be able to set up your policies to renew around the same time.

Want to know more? Call our office at 203.359.0880 to speak to one of our representatives and they will let you know if bundling is right for you. Don’t let the New Year start without taking a closer look at your insurance portfolio!