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By Diana T. Torres

Spring has officially arrived! The first hint of spring always brings a boost of energy and fresh air. Nature wakes up—the birds chirp in the morning, leaves begin to appear, and flowers bloom. This is the time when everyone gets in the mood to clean house. Here are a few other things to do during spring cleaning.

The Garage

Don’t forget the garage. For those who own homes, the garage is often neglected. Take the time to clean out and organize it. It’s just as important as the house. Place tools and other much-needed items where they are easily accessible and away from small children. Own a snow blower? Drain the gas. Have a lawnmower? Prep it for spring/summer use.  

The House

Check all smoke and carbon monoxide detectors; clean out dryer vents, check fire extinguishers, make sure house gutters are clear, and take down storm windows and replace with screens.

The Yard

Don’t forget the yard! This is the time to call a landscaper, or if you do it yourself, prep the lawn (rake and get rid of weeds) and fertilize.

The Insurance Portfolio

Make spring insurance review time. Take out your insurance portfolio and check in with your agent to discuss coverage. Did your teenage son or daughter get their driver’s license? Your rates can change with a teenage driver in the house. If you don’t have an excess liability policy (also known as an umbrella policy), your agent may suggest you purchase the additional liability coverage. Do you have a life insurance policy? Did you purchase a small life insurance policy for each member of the home?

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