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By Diana T. Torres

Is your business protected against theft and vandalism? Have you taken the time to secure your business with the proper insurance?

Knowing that you have taken measures to protect your business from risks will provide a sense of security.

Things to consider:

Alarms: Make sure alarms are installed for all entries into your business. Consider hiring a professional alarm company to advise and install the necessary equipment. Today most systems will contact police directly, cutting down on response time, and may prevent substantial loss.

Cameras: Installing cameras on the outside and inside of your business may deter theft and vandalism. It will also help police to identify the culprits. 

Doors and Locks: Make sure all outside doors are heavy-duty and secured with deadbolt locks. Have a certified locksmith check all locks to advise you if anything needs upgrading.

Codes: Changing codes for alarms and computers will serve as a deterrent for disgruntled employees who have been let go. Consult with your IT department to make sure that access to your system has been restricted.

Insurance: Check with your insurance agent to go over your business insurance. Make sure all the basics are covered by having the right insurance in place for the threat of theft and vandalism to property, cyber crime, and other risks.

Deterring theft and vandalism isn’t 100 percent full proof. But making sure you’ve taken preventative measures to deter theft and vandalism will help to reduce the amount of loss or damage.