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By Diana T. Torres

Your little boy or girl has suddenly sprouted into a teen and is ready to drive. You have taken steps to prepare him or her to be a responsible driver. They’ve had driving lessons and may have even taken a Defensive Driving Course. Still, it’s a right of passage that most parents dread.

Never fear. Hyundai has a new electronic feature – Blue Link – that will allow parents to monitor speed limits and geographic locations. Whenever the car goes over the speed limit or ventures out-of-bounds, parents will receive alerts.

By accessing myhyundai.com, parents can set specific standards for the vehicle of choice. Imagine sitting at home and receiving a text message, an email or voice message that your adventurous adolescent has gone astray, sped up a bit, or is out past the curfew.

With car accidents being the leading cause of death for teen drivers, using Hyundai’s Blue Link system has life-saving potential. Besides monitoring speed, the system keeps track of gas usage, and offers tips on eco-friendly driving. Finally, there is a voice text messaging system that helps drivers keep their hands on the wheel and off the phone.

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