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Looking to mix up your boring fitness routine? Consider swapping your usual run or workout at the gym with one of the following outdoor summer activities that will make you break a sweat while still having fun.

Swimming: On those especially hot days, head to the nearest body of water and go for a swim. Doing laps for an hour will have you burning up to 560 calories!

Beach volleyball: Headed to the beach? Why not try starting a pickup game of volleyball, or consider joining a recreational league team. A 155-pound person can burn up to 550 calories in 60 minutes!

Rollerblading: Want a fun way to burn 490 calories in an hour? Inline skating is a great way to burn calories. Dust off your old Rollerblades and take them for a spin. Be sure to wear all the necessary protective gear when you do.

Ultimate Frisbee: A combination of Frisbee and football, this game is a great way to sheds pounds with some friends. A 155-pound person can spend 240 calories in just an hour.

Tennis: If you want a great workout, grab a friend for a game of tennis. During an hour-long match you’ll burn 560 calories.

Hula Hoop: This favorite children’s toy has become a part of the adult workout craze. Adult hula hoops are about 40 inches in diameter, and through continuous low-impact movement, help to burn up to 800 calories an hour.

Badminton: Find the racquets and get moving! Play hard and depending on weight, this high-energy sport can help to burn up to 544 calories an hour.

Water gun fight: Another good way to cool off during a heat wave! A favorite of kids, this game will help you shed a few extra calories and bring on the laughter.

Dancing: Put on some music and grab a partner! Dancing for at least 30 minutes can burn about 150 calories or more. What could be better than dancing and burning calories without thinking about it?