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Champagne Bottle OpenIt’s not uncommon for the motivation to stick to New Year’s resolutions to fizzle out as quickly as an uncorked bottle of champagne. The enthusiasm of new goals often fades as the temptation to indulge takes over. Stick with your resolutions this year by following these tips when selecting what to aim for:

  • Set specific goals. A vague goal is more easily broken. Try taking a larger goal and dividing it into manageable tasks.
  • Set measurable goals. If there’s no way to track your progress, you’ll have more opportunity to slip—make sure there are ways for you to check your progress along the way.
  • Choose goals that are meaningful to you, not to somebody else. If you’re doing it for yourself, rather than to please others, you’ll have much more motivation to succeed.
  • Aim to achieve, not to avoid. Rather than saying you’ll stop eating unhealthy snacks, think of what you want to achieve, such as snacking on fruits or vegetables when your stomach starts to rumble.
  • Don’t do what you’ve always done. Try something new, especially if what you’ve been doing hasn’t worked.
  • Make family and friends aware of your resolutions—tell them what you’re trying to achieve and ask them to hold you accountable. If you’re the only one who knows your goals, it may be easier to give up on them.

Get into the habit of reviewing each day so that you can determine what worked and what didn’t. This way you can make the necessary changes needed to help you continue and succeed with your goals.