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By Diana T. Torres


Locking your car should be easy. But what if you’re the target of thieves?

Let’s say you pull into a supermarket parking lot. You need to pick up a few items for the spaghetti dinner you’re making for your family. You get out, close the door and press the button on your electronic car locking device. You walk away. When you get back, you find everything missing from inside your car. You look around puzzled. There is no sign of a break in. So how did it happen?

Stealing has become more sophisticated where cars are concerned. In some ways, the introduction of electronics made it easier for high-tech car thieves. They have a device that can clone the security code emitted by the key fob on your key chain.  So when you use the device to lock your car, they copy the signal. It’s kind of like hacking into a computer. Except that it helps them to steal physical items from inside your car—and in some cases—the car.

To deter this type of theft:

Remember to lock your car from the inside with the lock on the car door. By locking the car manually, you won’t emit your vehicle’s security code. And always be aware of your surroundings.

Another thing to consider is a car alarm. If someone tries to break in, the sound may discourage them. It will also alert others in the area that something is wrong and could result in their calling the police.

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