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Sign trip. Group ticket and passport, holidays abroadThe first thing you notice when you walk into Bill and Martha’s living room are the photographs: London. Paris. Bangkok. Hong Kong. And countless others.

According to Bill, there is one picture for every city the couple has ever visited. Based on the sheer number of photographs, it’s safe to say that Bill and Martha love to travel.

On a recent trip to Japan, these experienced world travelers got more adventure than they bargained for. While attempting to position himself for the “perfect” photograph, Bill lost his footing and suffered a severe leg injury.

Bill was rushed to a nearby hospital for medical treatment. During his recovery, the couple racked up huge medical bills and incurred a host of unexpected travel expenses.

Thankfully, the couple had invested in travel insurance prior to the trip. The policy ended up saving them thousands of dollars in hospital, evacuation and medical expenses.

Travelers often overlook travel insurance when booking their trips, thinking they are already covered by their employer’s medical insurance. This may be true for some plans, but for others, injuries or illnesses suffered while abroad may not be covered. It’s important to check with your insurance provider to see what’s covered before you travel. For situations in which you are not covered, travel insurance can help fill the gap.

In addition to medical coverage, travel insurance can cover you for loss of baggage, pre-trip cancellation, trip interruption, dental work, acts of terrorism or cancellation for any reason. Travel insurance is often sold in a package deal, giving you the biggest bang for your buck, and the peace of mind that if the worst should happen, you will be covered.


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